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The Bio.SoilZ is a Green technology developed by an eminent German scientist, aimed at providing biological solutions to the disturbances of natural metabolic processes. The technology is based on “Bioenergetics” with non-magnetic, non-electric and non-chemical “transfer of information” to the recipients (soil microbes) that catalytically stimulates the microbial activity of the soil.


Our technology is based on the principle of Bioenergetics. A specific “Information” is generated in the form of catalytic impulses at a specific frequency to do a specific...


The Bio.SoilZ contributes towards the regenerative farming focusing on restoring soils that have been degraded by the industrial, agricultural system. It’s methods promote healthier ecosystems by rebuilding soil organic matter through holistic farming techniques.

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BioSoilZ has been working tirelessly on a global level. For the last 3 years, during this period we have conducted multiple field trials to analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of BioSoilZ on an international level. These trials have been done on a comparative basis to bring awareness to the farming community.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Bio.SoilZ is not an organic fertilizer. It’s a “Microbial activator” that is used for soil regeneration. It’s also call as “ Soil Regenetor”. It’s efficacy is better than any fertilizer because it tend to treat the cause than the symptoms. The soil is sick today because of over-fertilization, excessive tillage and pesticides. Bio.SoilZ stimulates the soil microbes that can provide solutions to the disturbances in agro-ecosystem by restoring the soil heath.
No. It doesn’t contain any soil microorganisms. It rather activates the existing microorganisms in the soil to an aerobic metabolism.
Yes, it’s an organic product. It contains no chemical.
Yes, it’s 100% safe. It doesn’t contain any chemicals.
1 litre to be mixed with 100 litres of water per Acre (or) 2.5 litres to be mixed with 250 litres of water for 1 Hectare
10 litres per plant/tree for each crop cycle
Kindly refer to “Barren land to Fertile fields” link on our website.

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