About us

The Bio.SoilZ is a Green technology developed by an eminent German scientist, aimed at providing biological solutions to the disturbances of natural metabolic processes. The technology is based on “Bioenergetics” with non-magnetic, non-electric and non-chemical “transfer of information” to the recipients (soil microbes) that catalytically stimulates the microbial activity of the soil.


We at Bio.SoilZ are committed to the environment protection and sustainability. We strive to create a positive change and focus on developing products that do not harm our planet, preserve natural resources, and create a safer and healthier world.

Vision and Mission

It’s our vision and mission to enrich and energize the lives of the farming community worldwide by introducing this revolutionary concept of Regenerative Agriculture by revitalizing the soil, capable of producing nutritious organic food with higher yields.

Safe and Organic

Our products are made from completely natural resources, contain absolutely no hazardous or toxic ingredients and correspond to all the EU standards and regulations.

Global Presence

” CurrentlyBio.SoilZ system is represented by its Franchise Partners Globally(except for the Republic of India). Bio.SoilZis currently present in 26 countries spread across 6 Continents. “

“Bio.SoliZ is committed to regenerating Humus layer of the soil that is so valuable to our existence.”