How we operate

We are here to create a win-win situation for our potential franchisees. Our supply chain is fully organized to ensure that franchisees enjoy our full support in processing and distribution of our products. You’re all set to bottle up our product after diluting it appropriately and make profitable sales. We’ll be providing franchisees with the raw material that needs to be diluted, packed and sold to the distributors and retailers. We give the franchisees full rights to sell our products all over the globe. The franchisees can also make use of our logo and trademark to accelerate their sales and distribution.
Our business operates within a wider context. Our engagement involves many local and global actors across multiple areas i.e. environmental protection, social and economic improvement, industry initiatives and programs, working hand-in-hand with communities where we can make a difference.
We continuously apply what we learn so as to handle the challenges and manage the impacts, aiming to create shared opportunity resulting in a range of outcomes including economic benefits such as jobs and community investment; ecosystem impacts and initiatives; and customer and shareholder value thereby transforming us into a full-fledged Agriculture company.

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