New Technology

Our technology is based on the principle of Bioenergetics. A specific “Information” is generated in the form of catalytic impulses at a specific frequency to do a specific task. It’s non-magnetic, non-electric and non-chemical “transfer of information” to the recipients (soil microbes) that catalytically stimulates the aerobic microbial activity of the soil resulting into generating more oxygen as well as improving the both nitrogen and carbon cycles in the ecosystem.
The microbes start multiplying and colonizing around the roots of the plant. The microbial population improves the plants uptake by converting soil minerals into easily absorbable nutrients that promotes superior plants health and growth.
The microbes increase soil fertility by incorporating oxygen, minerals and nitrogenous compounds. They contribute in increasing plant growth by providing essential elements, minerals that the plants cannot utilize by their own. Microorganisms decompose organic matter to simpler form that can be easily absorbed by plant roots.
The production process is 100% safe as no bacteria, enzymes or trace elements are added in the product. Only catalytic information impulses are used to restore the nature’s ecosystem to it’s original state.