Bio.SoilZ – for Soil


Bio.SoilZ is a colorless, odorless liquid that stimulates the microorganisms in the soil to an aerobic metabolism through the application of specific and selective information.The microbes wake up from the dormant state and start producing oxygen. They start multiplying and colonizing around the roots of the plant. The microbes improve the nitrogen cycle by converting atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia, nitrate and nitrites which are easily absorbable by the plant roots. The Plants use these compounds to synthesize their our proteins. As a result the plants grow faster, become healthier with better immune system.



With Bio.SoliZ the soil life (microorganisms) is activated in such a way that it leads to an optimal oxygen production that results into a good aeration and a good water retention capacity of the soil. It leads to optimal symbiosis between microorganisms and the plants. This creates a strong immune system and the plant is no longer susceptible to pests of all kinds, including Nemathodes.
This improvement in the micro-climate naturally improves the soil health and thus the health of the plants resulting into better yields for the farmers.


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